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We are a modern, integrated, multidisciplinary, values-driven business that identifies a clear path for onward delivery for places, communities and society

How we work & what we do

Our approach is rooted in collaboration, knowledge sharing, and a commitment to prioritising people and the planet. We empower our clients to implement transformative projects and drive positive, equitable change, acting as a dedicated partner from project inception through delivery. Our work takes us across a range of geographic scales, from strategies for individual buildings to entire regions.

We work across a spectrum of built environment practices. Our cross-cutting expertise means we can present thoughtful, rounded recommendations and interventions as well as identify the most practical partnership and delivery mechanisms to catalyse ideas into action.

Our specialisms

  • Property & development delivery

    We design and shape innovative delivery routes to bring bold, transformative development schemes into reality—from individual assets to entire masterplans. We translate property market evidence and performance data and into insights and project viability, which we use to structure approaches to investment and financing, targeted intervention and project realisation.

    We work in the space between the public and private sectors, with a deep understanding of their motivations and how to harmonise their needs to drive better outcomes and more effective delivery.

  • Circular economy & net zero transition

    We are working to transition the economy to deliver for people and the planet. We strive to respond to the climate emergency and achieve fairer places by positively disrupting existing models and ways of thinking, and providing systems-change advice.

    We embrace circular economy principles, working closely with our clients to drive impactful change and develop new ventures while supporting bottom-up approaches.

  • Data & evidence

    There is an ever-increasing amount of data on places, people, planet, and the economy, but it can be difficult to know where to start. We empower clients to engage with and use good evidence confidently, leading to stronger strategies and better-informed decisions.

    Our approach to data filters the signals from the noise. We seek the most relevant sources to answer clients’ questions, creating robust, bespoke insight that illustrates lived experiences of local communities and illuminates pathways towards more inclusive, resilient economies.

  • People & participation

    Our approach to community engagement is driven by collaboration with communities. We ensure participation is not a tick box exercise but a mechanism for giving communities a genuine role in shaping and delivering change.

    We achieve this by using engagement techniques that give people a voice in the places in which they live, work, study, and visit as well as the services they need. Participation is at the front and centre of projects, making it an integral part of the placemaking and service design process.

  • Fairer places

    All of our work aims to deliver better social and economic outcomes for individuals and communities. At the heart of our approach is achieving fairness and equality: the ultimate outcome of our work is to drive impactful change and create stronger community and individual wellbeing.

    We achieve this by combining robust evidence with lived experience. We work from the bottom up and empower communities by working with them and giving them a voice. We use this insight to challenge our clients to approach investment, strategy, service provision and impact differently.

  • Political & public sector response

    We are living in an era of crises and complexity. Whilst many of the most pressing policy challenges have national (and increasingly global) roots, they are visible in our neighbourhoods, town centres, and high streets. In times of crises, communities turn to the public sector to lead the response.

    Our work provides clarity to these defining policy challenges, empowering local leaders with the evidence to act. We use our understanding of what works, and experience of working in the public sector, to support clients to diagnose the challenges, develop locally relevant solutions, and deliver the response.

  • Partnership approaches & structures

    Given the complexity of many regeneration and asset strategies, pooling expertise and resources through partnership working is often a necessity—and a route to more effective processes and outcomes. We help clients identify potential delivery partners, map respective strengths and capacity, and establish partnership structures that bring together the best of all partners with a view to forging long-term, effective relationships.