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A better approach to sustainable places

We are living in a time characterised by a crisis in funding and resources for local government and the costs of living. At this challenging time, we need to double down in our efforts to harness sustainability as a key driver of social, environmental and economic opportunities that will lead to better quality places, better public health outcomes and a more inclusive economy.

In our latest publication with long-time partners REDO, we’ve collected a selection of articles which:

  • Make the case for retrofit as a quality of life issue and economic opportunity as well as an environmental imperative.
  • Explore how ‘Local’ Carbon Offsets Funds could be a new source of funding for Councils to deliver their climate action plans.
  • Set out how the Brisbane 2032 Olympics could adopt a more locally-focused, regenerative approach that creates a balance between grassroots and large-scale projects.
  • Explain why new language is needed to effectively articulate our ambitions for change as we transition to a new economy grounded in better local insights, focused on addressing inequality, and committed to tackling the climate crisis.

Download the publication here.

For our previous publication with REDO, ‘A better approach to developing social asset strategies’, see this post.