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Roza Momot

Roza is a Consultant at PRD with strong interests in placemaking, land use, and sustainability. She has had an extensive education in the study of planning and urbanism, having completed a two-year MSc in City Planning at UCL in 2022, and a four-year BA in Urban Studies at Trinity College, in Hartford, CT, USA. Throughout her studies, Roza has developed excellent research and writing skills, underpinned by a strong grasp of critical urban theory, and always looks for an unconventional entry point into research. In her master’s dissertation, she investigated the role of Evangelical Christians in the New Urbanist movement in the U.S., and the subsequent impact of strong faith beliefs on the built form, based on a case study in her hometown.

Before starting at PRD, Roza undertook internships at the Greater London Authority and at Tibbalds Urban Planning and Design, where she developed a thorough understanding of the UK planning system and of the interaction between the private sector and the public sector. She also has prior internship experience in the public and the non-profit sectors in the United States.