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Malavika Krishnan

Malavika is an urban researcher and spatial planner with a keen interest in sustainable urban development, focusing on the intersections between urbanism, community, and ecology. Passionate about creating positive changes in the urban realm, her work focusses on spatial analysis and participation as a tool to address complex urban challenges. She is experienced in working with quantitative and qualitative data analysis, geospatial mapping, and stakeholder engagement. Prior to PRD, Malavika worked as a project coordinator in Rotterdam, working closely with public authorities and academic institutions on European planning and policy research.

With a background in architectural design and a masters in Urbanism (2020) from TU Delft, The Netherlands, Malavika has a strong affinity towards design and its role in placemaking. She enjoys developing visual and literary narratives that are creative, critical, and engaging, strengthened by her strong interpersonal and communication skills.