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Fergal McGinley

Fergal is a Research Consultant at PRD with interests spanning sustainability & circularity, urban design, and socioeconomic analysis. He has an academic background in both human geography and spatial data and has previously worked as a researcher at Hassell, an international architecture and urban design firm.

Professionally, Fergal has contributed to projects ranging from evaluating the social, environmental, and economic value of placemaking, to innovative linear infrastructure design, and the issues facing London’s contemporary high streets. Throughout his academic career, Fergal undertook a variety of projects, including using a combination of sociodemographic data and satellite imagery to map the most vulnerable locations to extreme heat in cities, and using satellite imager to map wildfire in Australia.

Fergal strives to leverage his expertise in research and GIS/spatial data analysis as tools to build evidence bases and develop strategies to tackle the complex issues facing contemporary urban environments.