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Working with young people to create an innovative idea for London

There is a lack of young voices shaping our cities of the future.

When New London Architecture put out an open call for ideas to Reimagine London we immediately reached out to We Rise, a Brixton-based community business empowering young people through mentoring and professional experience. This led to an inspirational four-week sprint and exciting new ideas for our city.

The NLA asks “How can we reimagine a better London for all, a 24-hour city that, is future-proof and equipped to adapt and thrive in the face of immense challenges?”  We explored this challenge with We Rise at International House, looking out over the city from the 6th floor.

Through two workshops we supported Brixton-based Regina, Skye and Sia to think about challenges in their area, the changes they wanted to see, and their idea for getting there. We discussed what London means for the group, what a 24-hour city is and whether it is needed and discussed their feelings about the 15-minute city narrative.

Regina, Skye and Sia’s vision is to develop a youth-led organisation which takes over unloved and forgotten spaces and uses them to bring peace, safety and connection to the neighbourhood. It responds to the need for alternatives to using devices and screens, alcoholic events and more open and free events for all kinds of people. The idea originates in Brixton, but the vision is also to empower other young people to activate spaces across London, expanding or sharing the “Youth-led Empowerment Network” to help young people shape the future of the city.

We worked with GRAFT to bring this idea to life. Watch the video in their own words here.

An illustration showing a colorful map of London divided into different regions, each marked with pink location pins. The Thames River is prominently outlined in blue. In the bottom left corner, a person with dark skin and red-tinted dreadlocks points to the map. Below the image, a caption reads: "and help create a connected, safer and peaceful London of the future."

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