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  • Thames Estuary Growth Board Success Framework

    We created a bespoke framework to define and measure successful growth throughout the Thames Estuary Production Corridor

    Project overview

    The Thames Estuary Growth Board was established by central government to provide a coherent approach to development and growth throughout the Thames Estuary, one of the most important regions in the world for creative and cultural production and innovation. The Growth Board comprises representatives from estuary local authorities and businesses.

    Building on PRD team members’ track record of work in the Thames Estuary, we have been working with the board via the dedicated Thames Estuary envoy to help them define what successful change and growth looks like throughout the region. We have defined what ‘levelling up’ means for the Thames Estuary and created a bespoke measurement framework based on region-specific data analysis and engagement with the board.

    Project details

    • Client
      Thames Estuary Growth Board
    • Project Lead
      Barney Cringle
    • Type
      Monitoring & Evaluation