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  • GLA Small Sites Small Builders

    We assessed the GLA’s Small Sites, Small Builders pilot programme and developed guidance for unlocking development on small sites

    Project overview

    After launching its Small Sites, Small Builders programme in 2018, the GLA commissioned PRD to review the impact of the programme’s pilot schemes and determine how the programme can be improved ahead of a wider rollout.

    PRD evaluated which types of organisations received effective support, the form of support (e.g. grants, guidance to sourcing or unlocking suitable land, upskilling staff), the impact of support, and overall value for money. We also consulted landowners, GLA partners, and small builders to gather feedback on the types of support and changes necessary to strengthen the programme.

    We developed a forward plan for the GLA mapping a set of interventions to improve the programme and make it as impactful as possible while working within a limited budget. As an extension to our commission, we developed public-facing guidance for unlocking small sites.

    Project details

    • Client
      Greater London Authority
    • Project Lead
      Theodora Beckett
    • Type
      Delivery Strategy, Monitoring & Evaluation