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  • Hoxton & Shoreditch Socioeconomic Study

    We detailed the social and economic characteristics of Hoxton and Shoreditch to help LB Hackney develop area-specific strategies

    Project overview

    LB Hackney commissioned PRD to establish an in-depth evidence base on Hoxton’s communities and economy with a view to informing future strategies, partnership working, delivery, and investment. The evidence drew on PRD’s detailed review of socioeconomic data and an extensive programme of community engagement to understand the lived experiences of residents, carried out with project partners Fluid.

    Through this work, we helped LB Hackney understand perceptions on how the area is changing, local support networks and their capacities, the needs of residents and which areas need better support mechanisms, and how the council can work with partners to improve opportunities for residents.

    Following this, PRD undertook a similar review focused on businesses in Shoreditch to review the effects of Covid-19. The two studies are directly supporting a new Action Plan for local investment.

    Project details

    • Client
      LB Hackney
    • Project Lead
      Barney Cringle
    • Type
      Data & Evidence