• London Data Service & Partnership

    We are working with the Greater London Authority to establish world-leading practices in sharing and managing data for high streets and town centres

    Project overview

    The GLA’s high streets data service brings together dynamic datasets to build a detailed picture of activity across the city’s 600+ high streets. It is intended to help people understand how activity on high streets is changing, especially in light of Covid-19 and ongoing recovery. PRD initially advised the GLA on relevant data to consider for the service and developed an outline structure for a London-wide, multi-stakeholder Data Partnership which will help guide the new data service.

    The GLA commissioned PRD for ongoing work with the data service and partnership, which involves bespoke data analysis and reporting, refining the partnership structure, training support, and promoting the data service.

    Project details

    • Client
      Greater London Authority
    • Project Lead
      Amanda Robinson
    • Type
      Partnership Structure, Socioeconomic Evidence