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  • Hackney Central Circular Economy Profile & Network

    We are supporting Hackney Central businesses to transition towards a circular economy

    Project overview

    LB Hackney commissioned PRD to design, develop and administer a new business grant fund for Hackney Central using Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) funding (Phase 1). Phase 2 of this project builds on the activities and knowledge gained from the funded projects. It is supporting businesses to transition towards circular practices by widening the understanding of circular economy opportunities.

    To achieve this, our approach consisted of the following stages:

    • Using ReLondon’s definition of a circular job, we defined Hackney Central’s circular economy profile and its position to lead the transition to more sustainable practices.
    • We worked closely with funded projects that are pioneering circular activities, drawing lessons from their journey and exploring how they can become circular champions.
    • We developed and tailored a business survey to target circular businesses and understand the different challenges of those at various points of the circular journey.
    • We are establishing peer networks and communities of practice to connect businesses, create opportunities for sharing resources between them and strengthen circular supply chains.
    • We identified circular opportunities and recommendations for the next steps.

    Our work will support the council to better understand specific challenges and opportunities businesses face when implementing circular practices and provide businesses with the opportunity to benefit from stronger local networks, greener practices (ahead of legislation), and ultimately lower costs.

    Project details

    • Client
      LB Hackney
    • Project Lead
      Carolina Eboli
    • Type
      Green & Circular Economy