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  • GLA Creative Enterprise Zones dashboard

    We created an interactive dashboard to help Creative Enterprise Zones review local job and business growth in creative industries

    Project overview

    The Mayor of London’s Creative Enterprise Zones (CEZ) programme provides funding to places throughout the capital with an established or growing concentration of creative industries. Starting with six zones in 2018, the programme has grown to include 12 zones. To receive funding, each CEZ is required to establish a roster of activities the funding will support and a monitoring programme to assess impact.

    In 2022, the GLA commissioned a consortium led by We Made That with support from PRD to review impact of the CEZ programme to date and provide tools to help CEZ monitor impact. PRD’s role was to collect data on jobs, businesses, business births and deaths, and turnover for each CEZ as well as a selection of comparator areas with robust creative activity. We collected data from UK Business Counts, Business Register & Employment Survey, and bespoke requests to ONS and provided a series of static graphs showing change in each area over time. We also aggregated the data into groups (e.g. all CEZ, CEZ by inception year, all comparators, London-wide) to allow for further benchmarking.

    To help the CEZ monitor change in their area, we designed and programmed an interactive, publicly-accessible dashboard, providing ready-made, area-specific visualisations for job and business counts, business births and deaths, and turnover estimates. The dashboard is available here (takes ~10 seconds to load, best viewed on a desktop/laptop screen). We also generated a series of raw data spreadsheets and a Creative Enterprise Zones data repository on the GLA datastore for anyone looking to review the methodology or perform additional analysis using the data we collected.

    Project details

    • Client
      Greater London Authority
    • Project Lead
      Amanda Robinson
    • Type
      Data & Evidence