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  • Brighton & Hove Economic Strategy

    We developed an economic strategy for Brighton & Hove City Council, shaped in partnership with local businesses and organisations

    Project overview

    Brighton & Hove City council sought to develop a new Economic Strategy to guide their activity between 2024-2027.

    It was important for Brighton & Hove City Council that the Economic Strategy was shaped in partnership with businesses and organisations across the city, who will help deliver any actions. They were also keen that in process of developing the strategy itself new relationships were established.

    PRD took a collaborative approach which sought input from stakeholders from the start of the process. This involved a series of themed workshops with council officers, civil society organisations and businesses. Our conversations were broader than what might be included in a traditional economic strategy, for example bringing in representatives from public health, culture and circular economy, recognising the links between these and the economy of the city.

    Alongside this, we developed a short evidence base shaped around how Brighton & Hove’s economy could be more fair, green and productive. This situated Brighton & Hove’s economy within wider national economic challenges and opportunities.

    Our outputs are still being developed, but include a short visual evidence base and a strategy report.

    Project details

    • Client
      Brighton & Hove City Council
    • Project Lead
      Rose Jump
    • Type
      Engagement, Inclusive Economy, Data & Evidence